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Sports Activities and Leisure

An “all-in-one” solution

Whether for site management, for a regular program of activities or casual event, managing a sports center is complex and requires several management and control tools.

For internal or external needs, all elements of your program of activities are supported by COBA Activities and it’s internet portal offers you great flexibility of work. COBA has developed its activities software to combine your different expectations.

Simultaneous creation of the calendar of activities and monitors schedules

The software includes a search tool for rooms and monitors available, to automate the preparation of schedules within the schedule of activities.

Facilitated room booking

The software includes a module designed to facilitate ad hoc bookings, internal or external, and reservations over a long period. Rental, printing of invoices and payment management are all tasks that the software supports.

A comprehensive and efficient management tool for activities

Simplified registration and integrated access control

COBA Activities manages subscriptions sales, event registration, locker rentals and once everything is completed, performs billing, collection and issuing the receipt in one operation. The software also validates access to the sports center according to criteria defined by the institution and based on membership cards or registration for activities.

Management of account statement of the subscribers

Easy monitoring of expenses and receipts during registration or sale services and easily print account statements and receipts for tax purposes (Tax form 24).

Cash register function

Optional, this function may be related to a cash drawer to record all transactions directly in relation to deposits.

Link to COBA K 12 management software

The import module offers the possibility to create a membership card based on the student’s status using the information entered in the pedagogical management software.

A simplified management tool with the Sport.Net Portal

The COBA Activities portal is the perfect tool for organized communications between participants in your organisation. This most efficient solution simplifies the management process of your activities by allowing the user to query his file, to register and pay the requested fees online
Designed specifically to eliminate entry of data redundancy, COBA Activities integrates naturally with all other software of the COBA suite such as Finance, K-12 and HR/Payroll.

Complementary products