Your assistant to simplify Premises Management

Premises Management

A unique software to increase the efficiency of premises inventory and simplify the transfer of information

Premises Management promotes communication and interaction between the departments and services of an organisation to disseminate, trough direct management or consultation reports on screen, information about the premise, equipment and projects.

This software offers an optional Web portal for the management and booking of rooms. This complete and secure interface can be used as desired as an Intranet or Internet access

3 basic modules and one independent, complementary and inter connected optional module

The module named Generalities identifies the institution. You can set the parameters to manage defaults and validation rules of information in the system and to grant access to administrative units that handles the premises.

The Building module allows you to characterize the buildings, venues, premises and manage the inventory of the physical and administrative resources. Of this module are extracted information to be transmitted to the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

With the premises attribution module you can plan and follow the evolution of development projects, whether for relocation of an occupant, for a single redevelopment plan or a massive construction program. This module allows you to inform affected people and administrative units by the changes you wish to make to spaces.

The room and portal management module: an interactive consultation tool for room availability.

Thanks to the Intranet and Internet interfaces offered by COBA, you can go even further in decentralization of data entry and remote consultation. Whether to view a room list, book one or more rooms, the Web portal of COBA PremisesManagement allows you to simplify the dissemination of information while respecting safety standards for your peace of mind.

A simplified management tool to manage your premises with the Portal

The portal of COBA Premises Management software is the perfect tool for an organized communication between stakeholders of your organisation. Whether the student, teacher, or administrator, all find benefits in this tool.

This most efficient solution simplifies the management process of your organisation’s premises by enabling you to manage premises inventory and simplifying the transfer of information.

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