The preferred solution for elementary and secondary education institutions


A single software for the management of ALL your educational activities

COBA K-12 addresses the needs of private and public schools, primary and secondary levels: the admission of students, course planning, monitoring school performance, monitoring and analysis of absences …. Manage now all facets of educational activities with a single software.

Simplified Admission System

COBA K-12 is designed to facilitate the admission process. By using the portal, the parent can create a child admission file and pay the costs incurred.

Integrated management of the student population

COBA K-12 is a flexible program that allows you complete management of the student population. 100% respecting the standards of the Ministry of Education, users can create additional fields, permanent or annually, to enter the information they deem relevant. The software also allows the display of pictures of students and management of lockers.

During the planning and scheduling tool offered
These tools include many functions including the management of different types of courses, profile creation, management and pre-enrollment counters for complying with the maximum number of students per class in compliance with the pedagogical framework of the Ministry Education.
Also, you can easily plan lessons, assign classes and schedules with a fully flexible and scalable solution.

Monitoring and analysis of absences
Absences are listed per half-day, daily or period; the module produces statistics based on several criteria such as per design, per day or per level.

Easy tracking of results
Strictly respecting the rules of the Ministry of Education and with the ability to configure the ballot according to the criteria of the user; the software includes a teacher’s book accessible through the portal and saving the data automatically.

Efficient and comprehensive access to information
Whether on the portal or on the application, all information found there. The module also displays the schedule for teachers and premises; and offers a calendar of school days of the year.

Automated transmissions to the Ministry of Education
The software includes a module designed to simplify and secure data transmission process to the Ministry of Education.

A simplified management of your business with the Internet portal
The COBA Educational Software Portal is the perfect tool for communication between the various stakeholders organized your facility. Whether the student, teacher, parent, or administrator, all find their account.

This solution is more effective as soon as it simplifies your school management process by allowing the user to access his file from any workstation connected to the Internet, and this safely .
Designed specifically to eliminate redundant data entry, COBA K-12 integrates naturally with all other software suite COBA as Finance, HR / Payroll, and extracurricular activities.Pédagogie primaire et secondaire


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