The management of a library has never been so easy!

Library Management

A simple and efficient solution

The daily activities of a library can be rationalized in a simple and efficient manner by using the appropriate computer system.

COBA Library is a comprehensive solution that enables you to manage records or subscriptions, make the most basic to the most advanced research , each software module is distinguished by its power and unparalleled flexibility.

With this software, you have an integrated solution for managing catalogs, loans and periodicals. Indeed,COBA Library includes, among other things, a schedule of reception of periodicals and a table of periodicities allowing the user to predict frequency of receptions.

You can easily manipulate the data of subscribers by creating fields, display the picture of subscribers, import subscribers from other software; in addition to developing and implementing the various borrowing policies.

A flexible solution for everyday tasks

Configurable screens

With the screen editor, you can design the data entry and consultation screens at your convenience to adapt them to your working methods.

Configurable catalogue and authority tables

With COBA Library, decide what fields are available for entering record and have a catalog as detailed as desired. You can also determine which fields in the catalog are associated with a table of authority; and define the terms “See,”, ” See also ” and the rejected terms.

Easy Search/strong>

The software offers different levels of research, simple or advanced, internally or by means of the Internet; it also helps to create search profiles and save records found on a file in MARC format.

Integrated budget control

Tracking, budget control and automatic creation of records and book copies upon reception of orders are all essential functions you can be managed by the software.

A simplified management of your facility with the Bib.Net Portal

The Portal of COBA Library is the perfect tool for organised communications between stakeholders of your organisation. This most efficient solution, simplifies the search process where ever you are.

Designed specifically to eliminate entry of data redundancy, COBA Library integrates seamlessly with all other software of the COBA suite such as finance, K-12 and Activities.

Complementary products