A complete solution that serves the human resources services and payroll.

Human Resources and Payroll

A solution that meets all your needs

Regardless of the number of employees in your establishment, payroll and human resources involves many tasks that can be carried out with the help of integrated, flexible and user friendly software. COBA offers it’s COBA HR / Payroll software that meets the unique needs payroll combined with those of human resources.

Its web interface allows the employee to safely question his file and meet the specific needs of your HR department for the complete hiring process of personnel.

Flexibility and efficiency in managing employees and tasks

The user can add fields as needed, control predefined values and update them massively. Thus, the user can quickly enter a new employee or a new task.

In compliance with the standards of our partners

Whether for the different levels of government, CARRA, unions, and other organizations, the software includes processing, content and formatting of all documents produced thus eliminating the need to use other software.

Flow of fluid information without transferring files

The user may, without additional inputs, transfer data from employee records, payments to employees, payroll to accounts payable, the staffing plan, the ledger and even Microsoft Word.

Simple management tool of budgets

Our module named “Staff plan” allows the administrator to measure easily and accurately the previous payroll, present and future of its establishment. You can also follow different management indicators through an integrated and flexible report generator.

Adjustable calculation parameters

The software allows the user to automate the calculation of income or deduction by customizing mathematical formulas in the system.

Perfectly integrated with the COBA Finance software, COBA HR/Payroll harmoniously complements our financial suite.

A management of your establishment simplified with the Internet portal

The portal of the COBA HR/Payroll software is the tool of choice for organized communication between the various participants of your establishment. Whether an employee or an administrator, all find benefits with this tool.

This solution is the most efficient tool because it simplifies the payroll process by allowing the user to safely query his file from any workstation connected to Internet.

Conceived specifically to eliminate entry of data redundancy, COBA HR/Payroll integrates itself naturally with all other software of the COBA suite such as Finances, K 12, as well as the extracurricular Activities.

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