Simple, safe and accessible at all times

Hosting services

COBA now offers a hosting service for your COBA solutions. Your software will be installed on our servers and made available safely via the Internet at any time.

The hosting of COBA’s software is an ideal and safe solution to address the following issues: reliability and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, performance and speed of your network, reliable backups, reducing your costs in your IT assets, reducing your computer support needs.

Here are some benefits of the service:

-This service helps reduce maintenance costs and extends the useful life of your equipment: a browser and internet access are sufficient.
-Fast installation and configuration. Our team takes care of everything.
– COBA’s softwares are accessible by as many users as you wish. We ensure availability at all times.
-The hosting service performs daily backups: no intervention on your part and no risk of losing your files.

This solution is available for all COBA’s software with or without Internet portal. This is the ideal solution in response to frequent and costly technological changes.

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