A complete solution incorporating simple and helpful management tools!


For efficient financial management and tailored to each user.

As in educational institutions, as in any company, the management of the financial activities represents a major task.

COBA FINANCES proposes you a wide range of functions (management of documents of the GL, the suppliers, inventories, amortizations, demands of fixed asset, management of the inventory…) and an unequalled flexibility of use to promote efficiency, regardless of the degree of growth of your business.

Conceived to answer accounting standards and the strictest governmental requirements, our software solution adapts itself totally to the specificities of your organization.

A personalized, decentralized, secured and integrated system

Conceived for your financial management staff, COBA Finance allows access in all confidentiality to multiple and customizable features according to individual access rights (consultation of documents, access to the budget…).

A generator for financial statement

With this unique concept, you can produce financial statements, summary or detailed, for one or many years, quickly and easily.

Security and efficiency of your financial management

Elimination of the tedious tasks

The software is responsible for the mass production of documents such as tax forms, receipts for tax purposes, invoices, and receipts. We integrate and customize all the forms of your institution in the software.

Conceived to answer governmental standards and follow-up of commitments

The annual financial statements are designed in accordance with the Accounting Registration Plan (PEC) of the Ministry of Education of Quebec and can be adapted to any other model in force. This way, you have a flexible solution, in accordance with each of your needs, assuring a follow up of allocated budget amounts.

Account receivable management for all the types of clientele

The system provides the ability to associate one or more students to one or more clients and charge them to the desired percentage.

Automated banking Transmissions

Using the software for the banking transmissions such as the issue of checks, preauthorised payments and banking conciliations enables you to save time and resources.

A simple tool to manage your establishment with an Internet portal

The COBA FINANCE is the best tool  for organized communications  between the various participants of your establishment. Whether it is the teacher, the parent, the student or the administrator, all find benefits in this tool.

This solution is the most efficient because it merges itself within other portals to offer a wide range of services to your clients and staff.

Specifically designed to eliminate redundant data entryCOBA FINANCE seamlessly integrates with all other software of the COBA suite as HR/Payroll, K 12 and extracurricular activities.

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