A fully connected solution for collegial education

Collegial Education

A unique software to manage your educational activities.

COBA Collegial meets the needs of private and public establishments, for collegial level of students and for continuing education: admission of students, course planning, monitoring school performance, absence management… Manage all facets of teaching activities with a single software.

Manage students from prospection to sanction
COBA Collegial has a series of fully integrated modules to manage the student’s file from the first communication until his sanction.

Integrated management of credited, uncredited courses and DEP
Connected on the College’s reality, COBA offers a unique solution for the fully automated transmission to the MELS and the transmission for the DEPl.

Management of all your campus in one software

COBA Collegial enables uniform monitoring of students enrolled in courses in various campus without requiring information transfers.

Complete and evolving portal for your students and teachers

To answer the strict standards of the college clientele, COBA has developed an Internet portal that accurately meets the complex needs of the student as well as teacher for communication and evaluation.

Integrated management of student’s statement of account

The Statement of Account module is considered as an autonomous auxiliary of the General ledger and Accounts receivable. This function allows the follow-up of expenses, collections as well as bank statements and tax receipts (T2202 and Statement 8).

Management of security in connection with Microsoft’s “Ms Active Directory”

Through Active Directory, the user has only one username and password to remember. Our software is fully synchronized with your network security.

Automated transmissions to the Ministry of Education

The software includes a module designed to simplify and secure the data transmission process to the MELS.

Manage your establishment with ease using the Internet portal

The portal of the COBA Collegial software is the best tool for an organized communication between the various participants of your establishment. Whether it is the student, the teacher, or the administrator, all find some benefits there.

This solution is the most efficient tool because it simplifies the teaching process by allowing the user to examine his file, to register, to pay its expenses and to communicate.

Conceived specifically to eliminate entry of data redundancy, COBA Collegial integrates naturally with all other software in the COBA suite as Finance, HR/Payroll, and the activities of the sports center.

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