For additional safety

Backup services

In addition to your emergency action plan, COBA now offers a backup copy service of your COBA databases on our servers.

This service is the ideal and safe answer to address the following issues:
– Insurance to have a backup copy of your data safely
– Simplification of the operations related to backup and data recovery
– Cost reduction of your IT equipment (software, servers, disk space, tapes, etc.)
– Reduction of your need for IT support.

Here are some benefits of this new service:
– Automation of taking backups at regular intervals
– Validation of data integrity and notification when there is a problem
– Fast and safe configuration. Our team takes care of everything
– In case of failure of your equipment, COBA offers an optional emergency access to your software and data to allow you to continue your activities.
An additional insurance!

In summary, the COBA backup copy service guarantees your peace of mind. The data of your COBA software will be copied, verified, and stored securely on our servers and are available at all times.

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