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What does the hosting service includes?

This service includes :
-Equipment rental
-Internet bandwith
-Hosting of the Windows software and your COBA portal
-Disk space
-Technical service ensuring ongoing maintenance of the service
-Phone Support

What are the benefits of this service?

– Highly sophisticated IT infrastructure solution at a fraction of the cost that would cost the development and management of a local infrastructure.
– Reduced breakdowns by ensuring the reliability, security and availability 24/7.
– Optimization of your staff management by redirecting the IT staff to other growth-enhancing projects.
– Reduced risk in devoting more strategic activities of your organization.
– Annual pricing modulated according to the resources used.
– Backup copies’ management.

From which workstation can I consult my data?

Since this is a secure facility, you will make the choice of stations that can access your data. Our specialists will contact you and guide you in the selection of stations that can obtain access.

How many users can be connected simultaneously?

The first installation is limited to 5 concurrent users. Two users can be added for each additional installation. If other users are required, they can be add for a lightly cost. As to the users of your Internet services, there is no limit.

Is it a safe service? Is it possible to lose data if my computer or network goes down?

With this service, if my computer or server has a problem (failure, virus …), you will not lose your data. This is precisely one of the main interests of the service. We secure your data on our servers outside your premises. So, if you experience a failure of your equipment, your data is protected.

Is the confidentiality of my data compromised by this system?

Unless you give your access code and password to someone, only the people you authorize will have access to your data.