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Backup Service

What does the backup service includes?

– Automated recovery service of a copy of the COBA software database.
– The frequency of recovery is once a week
– Integrity test of the recovered database
– Optional: Hosting Service in case of absolute necessity.

What are the benefits of this service?

You invest a lot of time and resources to keep sensitive data from your organization and nobody is immune to failure, theft or disaster that could jeopardize your management tools.

This backup service is an addition to your emergency action plan and offers advantageous guarantees in case of absolute necessity. Not only does it ensure the security of your data, but it ensures the quality as we check the integrity of your data at each reception.

If a problem occurs, will I be advised?

We check every backup on receipt on our servers. If we find an issue with the database, we store the last valid copy of your database and we will contact you to correct the defect.

If my server goes down, can I have access my data?

Your data is available at all times. If you have corrected the defect on your server, we can give you a copy of your database and help you in the configuration of this one. If your server can not be up and running quickly, we can offer you, in option, access to your data in hosted mode for a period of 30 calendar days to allow you to make corrections of your environment and allow a normal access to your employees and customers.